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ClassNo.TMS ClassTMS No.Sub-ClassWheel Arr.BuilderStatusPurposeLengthBody TypeLocationNotesC&W NotesSourcePhotoConfirmed
Bc9166BC732Bc-4NZR - Otahuhu (Chassis) - Steel Tanks & Structures (Hoppers)
of 1968
StoredCement WagonSteel BodyWairarapa Railway Restoration Society - Carterton Railway Museum1968 - 1989 NZR, in service
Rebuilt from Jc 4833/1947

Photo: Carterton, 05/2009
Email- Ken O'Riley2007-09-25
Kp3124KP23658Kp-1Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan
of 1968
StoredBox WagonSteel BodyWairarapa Railway Restoration Society - Carterton Railway Museum1968 - 1988 NZR service
Previously identified as Kp 1235 (KP1068)

Photo: Carterton, 05/2009
CompleteEmail; Ken O'Riley2007-09-25
Tr112TR459A & G Price Ltd.Bush Tramway Club06/2021 to Bush Tramway Club_
Robert Holt & Sons
of 1959
DisplayArthur Miller School, NapierRobert Holt, Napier
1981 Arthur Millner School, Taradale

Photo: Napier, 06/2021
A1430NZR - Addington
of 1915
Private Property47' 6"Wood CladHapuku Carriages, Kaikoura1915 - 1973 NZR
1973 - 19XX Ways & Works (Ea 4038)
Addington Raceway
19XX - 2016 Johns Rd, Christchurch
02/2016 Hapuku Carriages, Kaikoura

Photo: Hapuku, 06/2021
Clive Davis
F481F812NZR - Hillside
of 1928
Private Property30'Wood CladHapuku Carriages, Kaikoura

1982 W/O
Waiau Farm

Photo: Hapuku, 06/2021

CompletePaul Dillicar2007-01-14
Yc845YC1780Yc-1NZR - Addington
of 1961
In ServiceBallast WagonSteel BodyGisborne City Vintage Railway2007 written off

Photo: Gisborne, 06/2021
Uc833UC398Uc-11926StoredTank WagonSteel BodyEast Coast Museum of TechnologyBuilt for Shell NZ (SI)
Gisborne City Vintage Railway
East Coast Museum of Technology

Photo: J. Durry, 09/2016
Site Visit2007-10-21
Ud1500UD26Ud-1NZR - Otahuhu
of 1940
StoredWell WagonSteel BodyGisborne City Vintage RailwayEWW18 (TMS)
Rail Heritage - lease
2015 Gisborne City Vintage Railway

Photo: Gisborne, 06/2021
Faxed Detail2006-10-06
La19522LA16807La-7NZR - Otahuhu
of 1940
High SideSteel BodyOrmondville Rail Preservation Group - Ormondville Station1984 w/o Dannieverke
Photo: Ormondville, 06/2021
La18253LA8950La-6NZR - Otahuhu
of 1938
StoredHigh SideSteel BodyOrmondville Rail Preservation Group - Ormondville Station1938 - 1987 NZR
1987 w/o Te Rapa

Photo: Ormondville, 06/2021
Lb2943LB10534Samsung, Korea of 1976
of 1976
StoredHigh SideSteel BodyOrmondville StationPhoto: Ormondville, 06/2021
H1549H1042H-12Hurst Nelson, UK
of 1959
Cattle WagonWooden BodyOrmondville Rail Preservation Group - Ormondville StationPhoto: Ormondville, 06/2021
Tr23TR1020-6-0Drewry Car Co
#2126 of 1939
In ServiceGisborne City Vintage Railway1939 - 1981 NZR service
1981 - 199X Tomoana Freezing Works
199X - 2008 Eastern Locomotive Group
2008 Gisborne City Vintage Railway (loaned from Eastern Locomotive Group)

Photo: Gisborne, 06/2021
NZ Railway Motive Power 2002 - D. Parsons
Tr157TR6030-4-0A & G Price Ltd.
of 1966
StoredOcean Beach Railway05/2021 sold, located at Ocean Beach Railway (Privately Owned)

Photo: Spring Creek, 05/2015
#10457 of 1955
StoredMatangi (Old Dairy Factory)1955 - 19XX NZ Forest Service, Waipa
19XX - 1994 NZ Dairy Group, Waharoa
1994 to Matangi (Old Dairy Factory)

Photo: Ted Lidster, Waharoa, 12/1980